Musical Elephant

Musical Elephant

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Not only is it soft and cuddly, the musical Diinglisar Elephant even plays a lullaby if you pull its tail! It can be tied to the crib or stroller, providing amusement for your child for hours!

The much-loved Diinglisar toys have been designed and created by the Swedish family-run baby product company, Teddykompaniet. These toys comfort and soothe; they rattle and rustle, and are great to look at, ride on and play with – they can even take a good biting! 

The Diinglisar range contains eight different characters, each with its own personality, and each coming in a variety of fun and playful forms that cater for every situation; from being a comforting snuggle buddy with blankie for your child, to playing with friends or making sounds with the inbuilt rattles, to even being able to secure them to a pram while taking them out and about, reducing the risk of losing them.



Size: 28 cm Long x 7.6 cm Wide.