Natural Baby Moisturiser 250ml

Natural Baby Moisturiser 250ml


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A blend of natural and organic extracts and skin softening oils to moisturise rough, flaky patches of skin, and to protect against dryness, leaving your baby's skin extra soft and smooth, without leaving a greasy residue. The calming aromas of organic chamomile and lavender will leave your newborn, baby or toddler smelling divine and so relaxed just before bedtime. Also ideal for a nappy change lotion.


Australian made, GAIA skin care products are tailored for sensitive skin, combining natural and certified organic oils and extracts that are gently cleansing, moisturising and soothing. Sensational scents are blended using pure essential oils, mostly certified organic, selected to provide you with the most gorgeous aromas to indulge your senses and benefit your skin.

Products are free from: artificial fragrance, petrochemicals and mineral oils, lanolin and phthalates, soap, sulphates and other drying agents in our cleansers, paraben preservatives and propylene glycol, and other commonly used ingredients that can be irritating or drying to skin.

It is not just what is put in, but what is left out that makes the difference!


Contains: Organic chamomile essential oil, organic avocado essenital oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic sweet ornage essential oil, shea butter