Woodland Fox & Friends Tree
Woodland Fox & Friends Tree
Woodland Fox & Friends Tree

Woodland Fox & Friends Tree


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Bring the beauty of nature to the walls in your home with these Woodland Fox and Friends Tree Giant Wall Decals!

Warm yellow color palettes, playful foxes, hooting owls, chirping birds, and more fun-filled animals make this Woodland Fox and Friends wall decal set a plus for any space.

Our Woodland Fox and Friends Tree set comes with 80 wall decals consisting of the following:

  • Eight wall decals of light grey branches designed with dark grey chevron patterns that assemble to form a tree
  • 52 wall decals of green and taupe blue leaves to hang on the tree branches
  • Five wall decals of four small mushrooms and a crawling lady bug to add to the scene
  • 15 wall decals consisting of fun creatures to add to the tree including a swinging fox, two playing fox created to interact with each other, one cute polka-dotted porcupine, two grey masked raccoons, two owls made to perch on the tree, one deer, two nutty squirrels, two small birds, and one bird playing in a birdhouse

The Plus In Decorating With RoomMates Wall Decals

If you are looking for a fast way to decorate with a quality finish, RoomMates has exactly what you need! Our wall decals are completely removable and repositionable making it easy to fix mistakes and move decals from wall to wall without leaving a sticky residue behind on the surface.

Applying Your Wall Decal

To apply your Woodland Fox and Friends Tree wall stickers, simply remove the wall decals from the backing and apply them to the surface. It’s that easy! Once your newborn outgrows the nursery scene, remove the wall decals from the wall and add them to the original backing to store for the next new baby in your home! Make RoomMates apart of the family by passing down our wall decals from sibling to sibling as much as you would like.